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Who behind SWP ?



We have just learn that a new party was registered in Sarawak called the Sarawak Worker Party. Actually, even before this party registration was announced  the promoter of this party was already working on the ground as early as late 2011 and was confident that the party will be registered.
What bothered me most is that the Registrar of Societies IS NOT consistent in carrying out its work. There are so many application to register a political party that is outstanding that give me the perception that ROS is a political stooge of the BN. Why did the ROS allow itself to be held in such low profile by BN by acting as its political tool?
The hand that Taib played
It is very clear that Taib has a direct hand in the formation of this new party. Let us not dwell with SWP but more on the speculation behind the role of this party in the coming election. SWP has made it clear that it will contest in PRS seats but why?It has something to do with what is happening to the other three parties in Sarawak viz SUPP, SPDP and PRS and also the emergence of Pakatan Rakyat.
After the last state election PR emerged as a strong political force through the defeat of SPDP and SUPP. In the process PRS came out stronger losing Pelagus only and that has to do with an earlier political problems inside PRS with the eventual dismissal of Larry Sng.
What does this mean to Taib?
Taib cannot tolerate the emergence of a Dayak based party like PRS. Now PRS is the second largest party in BN. Taib wanted to see PRS destroyed. Taib has no fear in doing so because PBB is strong without PRS, SPDP and SUPP. Also it is impossible for the 3 BN component party to leave and join the PR because their agenda is so different and also the purse string of many individual YB is directly under Taib control.
For now Taib cannot appoint an additional Deputy Chief Minister because that would rightfully go to Dr. James Jemut Masing. SUPP Wong SK and Tan Sri William has bee n weaken by the G5. Since Tan Sri Jabu is a known quantity of being not a Chief Minister quality in the event that Taib dies in Office, other BN component have no choice but to support Dr. James to be the next Chief Minister, if he is made a Deputy Chief Ministernow. To put PBB in such a position and surrender a Muslim rule in Sarawak is totally not acceptable to Taib and UMNO. The move now is to weaken PRS and SPDP is now already weak.
The only party that remain strong is PBB and therefor PBB can dictate political play and influence. Who is PBB? It is UMNO proxy as Taib do not like to see UMNO coming in person to Sarawak.
Who is the best person to weaken PRS?
This is the logical answer and that is Datuk Sng. He has the motives to avenge his son’s dismissal from PRS and thus have to sacrifice his Ministerial position. The face saving cabinet level appointment given by Taib to Larry as Youth Adviser to the State Government is not as sweet as to be in the cabinet.
Now SWP is targeting PRS Parliamentary seats and where does the money come from? There are many sources from where the money come from and not limited to Datuk Sng own resources but from relative and powerful political friends that has the interest to see a weaken PRS.
Therefor the act of “wanting to be called the BOSS” is simply premature and not in line with democratic practices. It will become clear from now that Dr. James may not want to say too much against SWP. If he says too much he will be punished more by his “boss” because he has sold his soul and dream to BN. Where will Dr James and Entulu stand politically if they are to leave BN? No way at all.
In the coming State election SWP will gun down on PRS State seats and Dr. James life would never be easy being “The BOSS”.
For Dayak, especially those who are still supporting BN you may need to review your position knowing very well that Taib is not in favor of seeing a strong Dayak based party. Please join one of PR party and you will not regret your decision because PR has a better plan for Sarawakian and to develop Sarawak through an increase oil and gas royalty of 20%.
Ubah meh for the sake of Malaysia future.
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